The situation..

So I’ve been asked to express myself more, in terms of writing, because apparently people are dead beat of hearing my voice. Imagine!!  As a result, I’m sitting here, cracking my head, trying to figure out what part of my million and one thoughts I should share. I am all kinds of perplexed at the moment. Attempting to inscribe your experiences on paper is more complex than sticking to your new years resolution actually. I need a holiday for this. Somewhere in the Bahamas.. and no, not the one in Kwa-Tema thank you very much.

In other news, Mama I made it!!! 2015… Be kind!!!


My first official blog post. I’m excited. Its time I shared my thoughts, experiences and everything in between with the rest of the world. (Even though I have close to no readers at all!) I’m glad I’m finally doing this. Its long overdue mayne!!